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Top Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Kids

How many photos do you have of your kids?

Depending on their age, this could range from just a precious few to many thousands. Taking photos is a great way of recording your child’s journey through life. And nothing beats the thrill of looking back on old images and recalling those unforgettable moments when they took their first tentative steps or spilled paint all over the dog!

Of course, we’ve all taken impromptu photos of our kids, but sometimes it pays to be a bit more proactive and actually plan a photo session, to be sure of getting some extra-special images. And with World Photo Day on 19 August, I thought I’d give you some sources of inspiration to whet your appetite and encourage you to get snapping.

You don’t need to be an expert

It’s perfectly possible to take amazing photos of your kids without much expertise or any special equipment. Take a look at my previous post 5 Tips for Getting Great Photos of Your Child to start you off. Keep your camera (or phone), readily to hand, and get into the habit of watching out for key opportunities, such as their first experience of an ice lolly…

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Get creative

Why not try something a little unusual when planning your ‘photo shoot’? 15 Creative Ideas for Kids Photography on Marvellous Mommy has some superb ideas that are easy to set up and could result in some fabulous results. Who would have thought that sitting your baby in front of a large mirror, or setting up an outdoor shelter, could produce some memorable photos?

Strike a pose

Everyone knows that kids don’t sit still for a moment, so finding an unusual or eye-catching pose can be tricky. But check out the ideas in 21 Poses to Get You Started with Photographing Children, and you’ll never be stuck for ideas again. There are plenty of suggestions here, ranging from photographing from different angles to setting up activities, making your photo session as enjoyable for your kids as it is for you.

Seize the moment

Photographing toddlers can sometimes be the most challenging of all. Persuading a toddler to sit still can feel like building a tower with spaghetti, but 50 Toddler Shots to Improve Your Family Photography has a wealth of different ideas for you to sample. Look for unusual poses (e.g. just the feet, a back view) or using B&W for a different ambience, and you’ll soon be producing memorable shots with ease.

Get professional

If you’re more of an expert, and you’ve got some specialist hardware such as a flash gun, the tips on A Beginners Guide to Photographing Children is a great resource. Packed with plenty of tips about how to set up your shoot, use your equipment, and best distraction techniques, this guide will help you achieve excellent photos.

Once you’ve captured some wonderful photos of your kids, why not share them on the World Photo Day website? It’s easy to register, and you’ll not only be able to see your own photos displayed but also be able to view thousands of other to give you further inspiration.

And don’t forget to comment and let me know how you got on!

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