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Fabulous families easy packed lunch

‘Pick Up and Go’ Ideas for Tasty Packed Lunches

Mornings are always a frantic time so it really helps to have lunchbox items than you can simply ‘pick up and go’. Taking a little time to make items ahead of time, especially those you can freeze or store in the fridge for a few days, can make all the difference to enjoying a healthy packed lunch without spending hours each morning preparing.


Fabulous families child's packed lunch

How to Make Irresistible Packed Lunches for Children

There’s nothing more frustrating than opening your child’s packed lunch box at the end of the day, only to discover that most of their packed lunch is still inside it! How can you create healthy lunches that your child will love and avoid having a box full of left-overs?

Don’t overestimate what your child can eat

Research has shown that a child’s stomach is roughly the size of their fist. Take a moment to think about their fist and you’ll see it takes up less space than you think. So make sure the lunch you prepare doesn’t look too overwhelming for a small child. Lots of smaller items look more attractive than a couple of large sandwiches and a huge apple.