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How to Transform Your Packed Lunches

New Year, new you? Are you one of the many people who has decided that 2015 is the year you will get fit and eat healthily? And would you like to save money as well? Then you may want to start by thinking about your packed lunches.

Spend less

If you’re one of those who grabs a meal deal every day because it’s quick and ‘good value’, you could be throwing your money down the drain. Shelling out £3 daily adds up to a whopping £750 each year, totalling £33,000 over a lifetime of work! Just imagine what you could do with an extra £750 each year!

Enjoy delicious healthy food

Not only can you save money by making your own packed lunch, you can also beat the boredom of eating the same old things day after day by creating delicious lunches that are better for your health and will wow your tastebuds.

Save time

You may think you don’t have time in your busy life to bother with packed lunches, but with a little planning ahead and careful organisation you will find it’s all quite quick and easy.

So what can you read about this month?

So this month I’ve decided to devote my blog to some tips and hints to make preparing delicious packed lunches easy. Whether you are just catering just for yourself or you are making packed lunches for your whole family, a few simple steps can lift your packed lunches from the mundane to the fabulous with only a little time and effort.

Throughout January I’ll be covering:

  • How to plan ahead to save time and effort
  • How you can use your freezer to help
  • Ways to save time when preparing your lunch
  • How to involve children in planning healthy lunches
  • Ideas for delicious lunches for adults and children
  • Best lunch boxes
  • And more….

I’m also going to make some assumptions about you, including:

  • You don’t have hours to spend preparing lunches
  • You are on a limited budget
  • You want delicious food to enjoy every day
  • You and your family want to love your lunches

So, if you want to transform your packed lunches, why not check back regularly? You will never be satisfied with a simple cheese sandwich again!

Image courtesy of Leigh Wolf from Flickr Creative Commons

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