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10 Great Ways to Get Your Kids Walking

Did you know that May is National Walking Month? With the weather improving, and the days getting longer and warmer, now is the perfect time to get out and about with your kids. And it’s hard to beat walking for an activity that has great health benefits and is free as well.

Daily exercise is important for kids (and grown-ups too!), and walking can help develop a healthy heart, strong bones and muscles, and provide a dose of vitamin D from being outside. And getting kids into good habits when they’re young can help prevent them developing health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure later in life.

But it’s not always easy to convince them about the importance of walking, is it? If you’ve ever dragged a whiny child (or several!) on a walk, you’ll know it can be more about endurance than enjoyment. But here are 10 easy ways to make walking more fun.

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A Taste of the Past: British Schools Museum, Hitchin

The Lancasterian Schoolroom

They say that schooldays are the best days of your life. Of course, that may be true for some, but I daresay for others the idea of going back to school is not a prospect to delight the heart. But there is one place that could just change your mind.

The British Schools Museum in Hitchin offers a unique insight into life at school in Victorian times. This gem of a museum is housed within historic school buildings dating back to 1837, and includes the only surviving school room built to the specifications of Joseph Lancaster. This forward-thinking educational philanthropist set himself the challenge of providing much-needed education for the poor children of the area, at a time when such ideas were almost unheard of. His solution to managing the difficulties of teaching 200 children in one room is a masterpiece of innovation, and you can get a taste of how it all worked (even down to practising your copperplate handwriting), as you tour the museum.