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Singing nursery rhymes together

World Nursery Rhyme Week: Celebrate With Your Kids

One of my earliest memories is of playing with my Granddad. ¬†Already well into his 70s when I was born, he wasn’t a real natural with children. But he loved being around his grandchildren and sometimes (usually with a little awkwardness), he tried to entertain us.

One day, when I was very small, he sat me on his knee, and began to sing the nursery rhyme ‘Two little dickie birds’. He’d stuck a small piece of paper to each forefinger, and as he sang ‘Fly away Peter, fly away Paul’, he lifted his fingers over his shoulders, then returned them with the paper mysteriously missing. As he sang ‘Come back’ to the birds, they ‘reappeared’ on his fingers.

I was dumbfounded! My Granddad was so magical he could make paper birds disappear and reappear on his fingers! It was many years later I realised he must have simply swapped fingers!



Childhood Diabetes: It’s Not a Life Sentence

Did you know that 12-18 June is Diabetes Week?¬†Many people think of diabetes as a condition that hits later in life as a result of poor life choices. But there’s another form of diabetes that can affect children and young people.

Sadly, many children only find out they have the condition after a serious health crisis, but with early diagnosis, it could be tackled much sooner. So what exactly is childhood diabetes and what should you do if your child is diagnosed?