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Top Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Kids

How many photos do you have of your kids?

Depending on their age, this could range from just a precious few to many thousands. Taking photos is a great way of recording your child’s journey through life. And nothing beats the thrill of looking back on old images and recalling those unforgettable moments when they took their first tentative steps or spilled paint all over the dog!

Of course, we’ve all taken impromptu photos of our kids, but sometimes it pays to be a bit more proactive and actually plan a photo session, to be sure of getting some extra-special images. And with World Photo Day on 19 August, I thought I’d give you some sources of inspiration to whet your appetite and encourage you to get snapping.



Childhood Diabetes: It’s Not a Life Sentence

Did you know that 12-18 June is Diabetes Week?┬áMany people think of diabetes as a condition that hits later in life as a result of poor life choices. But there’s another form of diabetes that can affect children and young people.

Sadly, many children only find out they have the condition after a serious health crisis, but with early diagnosis, it could be tackled much sooner. So what exactly is childhood diabetes and what should you do if your child is diagnosed?


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Explore the Natural World: Take Your Kids on a Wildlife Hunt

Kids have a natural curiosity about the world around us. Who hasn’t waited while their small child watches a ladybird climbing a grass stalk or a bee gathering nectar? So it’s easy to develop that interest into a real love of nature by helping them to explore even further.

Photo courtesy of Dick Sijtsama at Flickr Creative Commons

Photo courtesy of Dick Sijtsama at Flickr Creative Commons

One of the best ways to do this is by organising a wildlife hunt. You could focus on birds, plants and flowers, or trees. But one of the easiest and most satisfying (especially for smaller children), is to look for mini-beasts. Mini-beasts are easy to find and mostly harmless, which makes them great for even very small children to enjoy.


Group of five happy children jumping on meadow.

10 Essential Games Items for the Perfect Day Out

The sun is out, the sky is blue, and the summer half-term holidays are upon us! Hopefully the sun will really be shining, and you’ll be able to get the kids out and about, rather than being stuck in the house all day.

But even if you pack the perfect picnic, a day at the park or the beach can soon turn into an exercise in endurance if you don’t plan it well. Kids get bored very easily, don’t they?

However, giving your kids a fabulous day out is simply a matter of a little planning. All you need are a few essential items of play equipment, and a large bag (preferably with pockets!), and you’re good to go.

So here are 10 essential games items which all stash easily into a bag.



10 Great Ways to Get Your Kids Walking

Did you know that May is National Walking Month? With the weather improving, and the days getting longer and warmer, now is the perfect time to get out and about with your kids. And it’s hard to beat walking for an activity that has great health benefits and is free as well.

Daily exercise is important for kids (and grown-ups too!), and walking can help develop a healthy heart, strong bones and muscles, and provide a dose of vitamin D from being outside. And getting kids into good habits when they’re young can help prevent them developing health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure later in life.

But it’s not always easy to convince them about the importance of walking, is it? If you’ve ever dragged a whiny child (or several!) on a walk, you’ll know it can be more about endurance than enjoyment. But here are 10 easy ways to make walking more fun.

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