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5 Valuable Mother’s Day Gifts That Don’t Cost the Earth

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and we all want to show our mothers how much they mean to us. But for those on a budget, no matter how important our mum is, finding that perfect gift can be something of a pressure. So here are five ideas for a Mother’s Day gift that let you show how much you care, without costing you a fortune.

Cookies in a jar
If your mum loves cooking (or maybe even if she doesn’t!), a cookie recipe in a jar is a great gift. There are lots of recipes online, such as this one for Brownies in a Jar, which tell you all the ingredients you need, give you instructions for assembling your jar, and include the recipe for baking your delicious cookies. You will need a reasonably large glass jar, such as a 2L Kilner jar, which has the added advantage that your mum can keep it and use it afterwards. Layer the ingredients for your chosen bake in the jar to create beautiful stripes. Then you simply need to write out or print the recipe, stick it onto a label, and tie this to the lid over a small piece of cheerful fabric for a fabulous look.

Gift cheques
Time is money they say, and if your budget is limited this Mother’s Day, then giving your time can be just as valuable. Only you know what your mum would like best. Maybe you are a fabulous cook, so you could create a special meal for your mum and a friend? You could offer to dig the garden, wash the car or any other job that your mum would rather not do. Or how about organising a girls night in with a DVD, snacks and some drinks? One way to make this gift more special is to print some coupons, so you can write out your IOU and your mum can redeem it when she wants. There are lots of printables available online, so take a look around for some that suit you.

Home-made stationary
High-class stationary can be very expensive, but it’s easy to create your own. Buy the best quality paper you can afford, perhaps including envelopes or blank cards. Then you can set to work to personalise them. Rubber stamps are a superb way to add some individuality to stationary, especially if you add embossed or glitter details. Use a sponge and ink pad to create a pastel background, then stamp or add your own doodles over the top. Add some dried flowers for a luxurious finish. Decorative scissors and punches are wonderful way to add some pretty detail. You can also make gift cards by cutting fabric scraps and gluing them onto the front of the card, maybe finished with a braid border. This gift is a fantastic option for children, as they can really go to town adding their own decorations.

Count your blessings jar
As a busy parent, it’s sometimes difficult to pause and remember all the good things in life, so a ‘Count your blessings’ jar is the answer. Decorate a glass jar – this can be done by gluing beads, sequins or other bits and pieces to the jar, or if you are the crafty type, you could stitch a cover like this example on UK City Crafter. Fold lots of coloured scraps of paper, and perhaps store them in a small box. Your mum can jot down good things as they happen, pop the paper in the jar, and take them out to remember at a later date.

Home-made treats
Everyone loves something mouth-watering for a special occasion, so if you are blessed with culinary skills, why not put them to good use? Think of something that your mum would really love, such as home-made sweets or biscuits, or perhaps some beautifully decorated cup cakes in a special tin. For something a little unusual, home-made mixes such as curry blends, meat rubs, herb blends or flavoured salt will really make an impact. Simply pack them into glass jars, and decorate the jars to make them look beautiful.

So, even if you are watching the pennies, you can still give a wonderful gift that shows that there is no-one quite like your mum.

Image courtesy of Elana Amsterdam from Flickr Creative Commons


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